Dear Boris, Let Us Learn Too

A campaign by disabled children and young people, parents/carers and allies to ensure their views are represented in the DfE SEND Review

In all the attention now being paid to children returning to school and avoiding further damage to learning, and therefore to equality of opportunity by today’s generation, it is regrettably too often the case that children with special educational needs are overlooked.

It is vital that their voice and the concerns of their parents should not be lost in addressing wider issues of overcoming the continuing challenge of COVID, and recognise that often additional measures and therefore responses need to be in place to ensure that children with additional needs do not fall through the cracks, and therefore lose out once again.

Lord David Blunkett, former Secretary of State for Education

One thought on “Dear Boris, Let Us Learn Too

  1. Under this current system I realised quickly that I needed to know the answers to the questions before I asked in order to know if I was being told the whole truth.. just to get the same help for my child as many other children get. Senior leadership investigated themselves leading to an upheld complaint of lack of paperwork to gain next levels of help even though part of leadership was apparently on an EHC panel. Comments on help in high school at the age of 7 if I still wanted to pursue help as high school have bigger budgets.. not quite the graduated approach. Factually inaccurate LA legal department intimidating letters and much more. It was so frustrating to hear replies that I seemed to have knowledge and made me wonder how many children are not getting what they need through parents being fobbed off. Leadership using an other parent who then offered to be mediator explaining to me it all was down to diagnosis. Breaking GDPR and safeguard on a number of occasions and making me wonder what accurate information parents were getting in my area. I got my parental EHCP after collecting 2 years of medical information on proven need. I am still waiting on how it will be put in place as the draft is far to general meaning the funding will probably be used for other children in the class as well as my child. Is this common.. who knows? How can teachers manage without extra staff or funding/ training, when a larger proportion of their time goes to children with SEND and I wondered if parents who’s children are not affected realise how this will also impact on their education in terms of time and what could be for all. My experience is only in mainstream education but can see the system is broken. What chances does a parent have to help in navigating this system, potentially with their own neuro-diversity if time, knowledge and or money are needed just to get the same as anyone else. Added to the possibility of behavioural or time consuming needs of your child and other areas of your life to manage.. what chance do we have?


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