Nate’s Letter to Rishi Sunak

Dear Rishi Sunak

My name is Nathanael Courtney and my short name is Nate. I am autistic and my little sister Milly has a muscle disease called CMT4J which means her muscles don’t work as well so she needs a wheelchair and is also autistic. 

I feel sad.  My mummy and daddy are tired because they always have to fight for me and my sister. 

Everyone thinks we get help easily, but we don’t. Mummy and daddy are always going to lots of meetings, talking on the phone and write letters on the computer. They have to fight for everything, even a wheelchair for my sister. 

Even me going to school has been hard. I used to hate it and worry every night. My mummy and daddy had to go to a court because the people in charge had broken the law. It was really hard work for them and that made me feel very sad. It took a very long time, but once I got the help I needed, it changed my life. I now like school and enjoy lots of things.

Please tell local authorities that they must follow the laws for disabled children and deliver help for people like me and my sister without my mummy and Daddy having to fight for everything for us. We want to enjoy school and our lives like other children. 

Please don’t forget us. This is happening to lots of other children and it would be great if you could help. 

I know you can do it. 

Let our parents just be our parents so we can enjoy ourselves. 

From, Nate

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