Ellie-Mai’s Letter

Ellie-Mai’s Letter

Dear Boris,

Please let me learn too!

My name is Ellie-Mai O’Reilly, I am 12, nearly 13 years old and have Autism, ADHD, lower limb loss (arm) and a Nistagmus (eye tremor). I have tried SO hard to fit into a mainstream school, but we have reached a point where I don’t feel like I can show my face at school anymore. The work I am being set is too hard and I don’t feel good enough because my test results are so much lower than my classmates. This leaves me feeling very angry and then I take my anger out on my family, which leaves us all feeling sad and they are angry with me too. I also find it hard to make friends, this makes me feel sad and alone. At times it all makes me hate my life.

I want to go to school. I want to be able to learn. I want to attend a school that has me in mind.

Something has to change, are you the man to do it?

Yours in hope
Ellie-Mai O’Reilly